Masterclass- How femininity can be your superpower

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  • Thursday, 08/04/2021
  • 14:00 - 15:30
Enterprise Skills
Confidence Building

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Finding your authentic voice

Closing the entrepreneurial gender gap could increase the global GDP by $2.5 trillion to $5 trillion, according to a new study by Boston Consulting Group. As well as increasing access to funding for female founders, building resilience, confidence and self-belief is essential to overcoming the obstacles that many female founders face on the journey to success. 

  • The gender gap and why female entrepreneurs and voices matter  
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt  
  • Rewriting limiting beliefs and the stories that hold you back  
  • How to tap in to your inner wisdom and discover your authentic voice  
  • Building confidence, resilience and self-trust  

By the end of this session, participants will understand more about the gender gap in entrepreneurship and why as a female founder their work is so important. They will have identified how to stay true to themselves as they build a business and be part of a new wave creating a new way in business, without bowing to society's expectations. They will also learn a selection of positive psychology tools to take away and use to increase their authentic confidence and self-belief. They will have identified any self-limiting beliefs that may be acting as obstacles to their success, and have a selection of positive psychology tools to take away and use to increase their authentic confidence and self-belief. 

For staff, students and recent graduates from the University of Edinburgh.

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This session is open to University of Edinburgh staff, students and recent alumni who have already met with a business adviser to discuss their business idea. 

If you have not met a business adviser and would like to attend, please book one here. If you have any questions please contact Karis on

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