Laboratory Sustainability Training January 2023


  • Thursday, 19/01/2023
  • 10:30 - 12:00


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Make your lab sustainable_Twitter image.pngThis session will be held on the University of Edinburgh's Blackboard Collaborate tool - a link will be circulated to attendees around 24h prior to the event (we will also keep an eye out for late sign-ups and try to send a link in time if you register close to the event time).

The CPD session will provide you with practical advice including tips and recommendations for adopting good practices which not only improve sustainability, but also often save money, improve science, and improve health and safety too.


Explain what the University of Edinburgh is doing to improve sustainability in labs, and why​

Explain the specific sustainability challenges presented by labs​

Explain what you can do to improve sustainability in your lab​

Describe options for your next steps

Learning outcomes:

Understanding of the context​:

global climate and ecological emergencies, ​

University of Edinburgh’s sustainability impacts​

University of Edinburgh’s sustainability targets and projects

The specific impact of labs:

​Understanding what you can do to improve sustainability

in labs in the following areas:

Fume cupboards​

Cold storage​

​Waste and recycling​

Chemicals and materials​

Scientific equipment

Building services



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